What is it about Crete that makes thousands of tourists visit it year by year?




Some of them are probably looking for the shining sun, beautiful beaches and swimming pools to enjoy their holidays and unwind far away from the stress and worries of their everyday lives. Others visit the island, considered a cradle of European civilization, to find monuments that tell us about a history that dates back to almost 2000 years BC.

These visitors will not only come across many testimonies of Minoan culture but will also delight in sights left after the rule of the Venetians or the Turks. What is more, one can discover here curiosities of the modern culture (modern for the Greeks), for instance a picturesquely located castle fortress in Frangokastello, built in 1371.




However, Crete is not only antiquities, great weather and sandy beaches.

This fifth in size island of the Mediterranean Sea also offers wonderful and incredibly diverse countryside. On the admirable coastline of both the more developed, civilized, north side of the island and the wild, pathless south we will find breathtaking views and beauty spots that will remain in our memories forever. Majestic mountains gouged with craggy gorges seem to invite us totake long strolls. All these advantages, combined with a lazy style of living enjoyed by the Greek people, guarantee that we will come back in memory to the pleasant moments spent during a vacation on Crete for many years and long for a return visit.


Our love of Crete that grew in us throughout many extended visits and eventually inspired us to start a new life here, led us to set up an undertaking called Crete Adventure Team that promotes untypical and original ways of learning about the island. Theseways differ significantly from the standard offers proposed to tourists by most tourist agencies. To know the island well, one needs to devote at least a few months to travelling around and experiencing life here. Taking into consideration the fact that tourists usually only spend from one to three weeks here on holiday, and only a part of this time is used for active tourism, it becomes crucial to make sure the holidaymaker sees the most interesting and beautiful places on the island, which are not usually shown on the maps offered by tour operators.