Mykonos is a land of happiness and peace. Everything about this place is splendid enough to steal your hearts. The sunsets, the beaches, the beautiful sights of the calm sea, the sunny mornings, and the opulent villas – everything about this place is just alluring. Apart from serving as one full-fledged and popular holiday destination, this place has also now become a hub for buying and selling properties. Mykonos real estates have become the talk of the town among a majority of people, especially among the big shots and celebrities from all around the world who look forward to spending their maximum time on this serene island.

Properties in Mykonos differ in terms of their size, structure, interiors as well as exteriors. As soon as you start exploring this place for your own purpose, you will come across different types and varieties of properties that you can invest your money in. There are affluent villas, there are suites, and there are small but luxurious apartment and houses of many other kinds. Thus, you can come across a variety of beautiful residential properties in Mykonos to buy one on this poised piece of land.

Cyclades: -
If you are looking forward to buying residential properties in Mykonos, you must never miss on exploring Cyclades since it is considered as a hub for residential properties on this island. There are some beautiful houses and villas that are surrounded by the beautiful sights of this island. A majority of plush residential areas entertain an area of about 220 meter squares (approx). These villas are amazingly comprised with wide and spacious bedrooms, bathrooms. You will also find swimming pools and beautiful gardens in some of the villas. These properties apart from residential homes can also be used as holiday homes where you can enjoy your hearts out with your family and loved ones.


 Choulakia Land: -
Another attractive spot for buying residential properties in Mykonos is Choulakia Land. The villas and apartments here are full of natural beauty and placid sights. This one can be the best pick for those people who prefer to live in solitude and privacy. You can either buy a ready-made villa or can also go for a plot and can get your own house constructed. The beach and sea views and the exotic structures of the villas and houses here are simply captivating.


Kalafati: -
The Kalafati region is yet another place where you can buy a number of residential properties and apartments in Mykonos. The nearby region of Lia is yet another pick to buy top real estates in Mykonos. You will come across a variety of houses such as detached houses, apartments, mansions, villas and many other kinds. The area of detached houses here extends to 100 meter square. You will also find various amusements like balcony, gardens, asphalt roads, etc. These houses are plush and are available to the buyers at various competitive prices.
Thus, there is a big scope of investment in properties in Mykonos. Residential properties in Mykonos are definitely worth consideration. has been the first choice for renters and buyers of Mykonos real estate, both locally and globally. With an impressive portfolio including the very best of Mykonos villas to let and to purchase, our friendly and dedicated team are always happy to help new clients to rent or buy a villa in Mykonos.