The Mediterranean Sea is known for its warm climate, year round sunshine, idyllic beaches and an endless number of historical spots.  Apart from all this people flock to this area every summer for nothing less than to have a wild time enjoying the clubbing and partying this part of the world is infamous for.  So if you’re looking for a partying holiday with enough relaxing spots and beaches to regain your energy and gear up for what the next night has in store here are 5 islands with a clubbing scene that will put your dance moves to a proper test.



The Balearic Island off the coast of Valencia needs no introduction to party-goers around the globe, and as such it has become the mecca for clubbers and music lovers.  The island has hosted some of the worlds best Dj’s in its mega clubs along the years, but this is not the only side to the island.  Take a break from partying and visiting the Old town for some breathtaking views or spend some time chilling on some of the most beautiful beaches this island has to offer.



Another favorite contender for some of the best partying to be had is the island of Mykonos in Greece.  Favored by a lot of celebrities the island has a landscape of its own with its small white washed houses and heavenly beaches. The non-stop 24-hour beach parties are definitely a must. Before going to Mykonos make sure to check out these luxurious lodgings.



If you think you’ve seen it all and partied enough then you haven’t been to Crete, home of the famous resort of Ayia Napa on the southern coast of the island.  This area alone boasts of 80 bars and more clubs than you can imagine.  Leaving the kids at home is highly advisable!



Another island off the coast of Greece Crete is another hot spot for club-goers around the world.  Greece is one of those few places in the world where the sun shines throughout most of the year, but having said that it is more logical to visit in the summer months if partying is what you’re after.  Malia is the coastal town that is most famous for the clubs and bars and like its nearby islands the beaches allow for a lovely chill-out experience with some bars serving some delectable cocktails and playing chill-out party music during the day…and night!



More known for its history and the Knights of St. John who governed the island for a couple of hundred years the island of Malta is a hidden gem for party-goers.  The island has hosted some of the best-known Dj’s ranging from Techno to House and all that’s in-between.  Paceville is the small town where all the mainstream action happens but don’t be shy to be-friend some of the locals for an inside scoop of where the real action is happening.