Close your eyes and imagine a place that smells like relaxation, feels like the light touch of summer wind and sun, tastes like deep blue sea and breathtaking sunsets.

Now open your eyes: welcome to Mykonos.

Finishing first on the race among many other wonderful islands of Cyclades, this Aegean beauty is definitely worth visiting and undoubtedly deserves a few days of your life this summer. Pack your bags with the basics: your best mood, your shiniest smile, minimal and comfortable clothes and a heart ready to live a once in a life time experience. Mykonos will welcome you miles before you reach the land, as it is not accidentally called the Island of the Winds – the pleasant summer breeze will gently caress your body and let you have a first taste of what is yet to come.

As you approach the island, there is no doubt that your eyes will immediately be caught by the gracious windmills that have made Mykonos famous all around the world. Take the chance and merge with the locals, walk endlessly around the narrow streets, taste the traditional flavors, dive in the dark blue sea, offer your eyes the pleasure of the red Greek sky during sunset, explore! It is nothing but true that Mykonos is a place you can never be bored. Either you prefer to spend your precious time on a lonely primitive beach, barely touched by the human hand, or you would rather transform yourself into a celebrity and choose one of the famous beaches, Mykonos is the right place for you! You can easily end up with the best choice to enjoy swimming and playing with the sand along with your family – children will definitely appreciate the sand and the cool water and the quiet family beaches that will make their holidays unforgettable.

However, if you feel rather hot blooded and want to be part of the endless parties, sweet alcohol and crazy dancing during the day. Apart from that, Mykonos is also well known for the innumerable possibilities regarding the night life. Quality cafes, good restaurants, elegant bars and promising night clubs ca, fill every single moment of your evening and night, leading your day to a nice end, full of relaxation and satisfaction. As for where to stay…this is nothing to worry about.

Accommodation is the easy part of your visit to Mykonos as there is a variety of choices to pick from.

Mykonos cheap apartments to share with your friends or family, luxury hotels to make you feel like kings and queens and be treated like them during day and night, all-in hotels to take the burden of the small details off your shoulders and let you rest and enjoy every moment as much as possible. Get rid of tiring everyday issues, clear your mind, open yourself to a brand new experience and let Mykonos become the place you will fall in love with.

Don’t think about it twice. Just jump in!