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“Athens Greeters” ready to welcome the tourists in Athens

“Athens Greeters” ready to welcome the tourists in Athens

“The Athens Greeters” is a program designed to welcome visitors¬†from around the world who are expected to come to Athens.It is an initiative of the Mayor of Athens “Giorgos Kaminis” and the Athens Tourism Promotion Partnership, aiming to present the hospitable face of the city and to provide visitors with all the information they need.

The program is exclusively staffed by 100 volunteers who are people of all ages living in the city and its everyday life, helping the workers at the information points of the municipality of Athens, Dionysiou Areopagitou Street and Syntagma Square. The program has recently begun to operate at the Athens Airport Information Point.

Greeters will share informative material by October 15, 2017, when it is estimated that they will have given visitors more than 50,000 maps along with a tip card, which was released for the first time within the program.