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A Greek Mythology museum at the bottom of the Pagasetic Gulf

A Greek Mythology museum at the bottom of the Pagasetic Gulf

A museum of underwater sculptures at the bottom of the Pagasetic Gulf aims to “construct” the scientific team of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment Department of the University of Thessaly. Jason, Achilles, the Argonauts and the Centaurs will be displayed to visitors who will dive in 15 to 20 meters under the sea to admire the works as part of the research project “Art Reef”.The 100 sculptures will be placed in a particular point of Pagasetic Gulf and are inspired by the mythology inherent in Thessaly region.

“We want to investigate whether there will be a positive effect on the ecosystem, but also be able to study the effect it will have on the local community in terms of development, tourism and more generally in the local economy and promote diving tourism in Greece as it is in an early stage,and almost nonexistent. The sculptures will not need maintenance, as their material will be made of cement, and will place them at the bottom of the sea, where there will be algae, sponges, sea urchins and starfish . In twenty years the original form of the sculptures, will have been changed  but the idea will stay “adds Mr. Lolas, who explains that the process of immersion will take time and requires synchronization . “If we can place 3-4 statues a day we will be satisfied,” he said.

There will be created two different reefs: one for the scientific team for studies and research at the University, while the second will be accessible to the public. The project aspires to be the first in the world which has been funded entirely by donations,promoted as a crowdfunding campaign donations from abroad to generosity.com platform.

Source: tovima.gr