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The Greek Summer is ‘Happening Now’. Spread the Word!

The Greek Summer is ‘Happening Now’. Spread the Word!

Marketing Greece is calling on to all Greek tourism professionals and businesses to take part in the country’s new national communication campaign and spread the word that the unique Greek summer is “happening now”.

Through images that reflect special summer moments in Greece, the new campaign“Happening Now: #GreekSummer” comes to remind travellers the unique appeal of the Greek Summer — which is “happening now” — and promise that holidays in the country will be the dream of all.

“‘Happening Now’ is the time and experience that you should not miss in Greece. It is the moment worth living now”, Marketing Greece says.

Tourism professionals are requested to help spread the word that the Greek summer is here and wonderful as always, upload wonderful images of Greece on social media and use the hashtag #GreekSummer.

Greeks, visitors and friends of Greece worldwide are invited to visit the new website www.mygreeksummer.com and share moments and experiences from the Greek summer and spread the word that the Greek summer is “happening now” via the hashtag #GreekSummer.

Greece’s new campaign “Happening Now: #GreekSummer” was launched on Wednesday by the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Marine and Tourism and aims to win back last minute bookings from the markets of the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, the Nordic countries and Greece.

The campaign is carried out in collaboration with the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE).