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“Speak Greek in March” campaign in Australia

“Speak Greek in March” campaign in Australia

” Speak Greek in March” is the title of the campaign that  has been started this March in Australia, not only for the preservation of the Greek language to expatriates but also for the promotion to the Australians.

The aim of the campaign is the expatriates to speak only Greek in their homes, businesses, schools, and expatriate organizations. The challenge is to stop speaking English completely , as the researches have shown that the Greek language is constantly losing ground in the country.

“March” was selected as it is the month that marks the National Anniversary of March 25th of 1821, as well as Greek festivals are being organized throughout Australia.

The idea of the campaign belongs to Sakis Zapheiropoulos, former president of Greek Week, former mayor of Fitzroy, former Director of the Immigration Department, former director of Special Broadcasting Service SBS, and now President of  ”Fronditha Care” and channel 31.  It as adopted immediately  by the President of the Greek Community of Melbourne, Vasilis  Papastergiadis, director of Community Schools  Manos Tzimpragos and the director of the ‘Homer’ college Tasos Douvartzidis.

Source: tanea.gr