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Alonissos is the first island to abolish “plastic bags”

Alonissos is the first island to abolish “plastic bags”

From today, December the 1rst, Alonissos is the first island in Greece which eliminates the use of plastic bags.The official launch of the program “Alonissos  without plastic bags” started in October.

The program is implemented by the Mediterranean SOS Network and MOm / Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal, financed by  Thalassa Institute and the collaboration of the Municipality of Alonissos, which had already decided to take the initiative on this issue.

As it was announced, ”the program aims to reduce drastically the use of plastic bags transportation to an island with great environmental value, making  Alonissos the first island with ” no plastic bag “in Greece. Its implementation should help to protect the coastal and marine environment of Alonissos, an island that hosts the most important surviving population of the Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus Monachus the Mediterranean, but also to further highlight Alonissos as a destination for alternative tourism.

During the program 2,000 reusable bags made of cotton will be delivered to the households of the island  following  a broad range of awareness-raising tools and student education activities, experiential seminars for teachers and workshops involving local bodies.

Source : econews.gr