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“Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020″

“Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020″

An important development and success is the participation of the Ministry of Tourism for the first time in interregional co-funded INTERREG programs as a partner, providing resources for the development and promotion of thematic tourism actions.

In this context and according to the announcement of the results of the 2nd call for strategic projects of the Interreg Program “Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020″, the partnership group and the Ministry of Tourism will be funded for the implementation of the projects:

  • “Astronomical observation & natural environment – alternative product of development and promotion of East Mediterranean geoparks”, with a budget of € 2.96 million
  • “Promotion and dissemination of cultural and natural heritage through the development and strengthening of Religious Tourism in the island region of Greece and Cyprus”, with a budget of € 2.74 million

Partners for the implementation of these projects are the Greek Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus, University of Cyprus, Cyprus Tourism Organization, Municipality of Sitia, the Church of Greece, and University of the Aegean .