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First Five stars campsite opens in North Greece

First Five stars campsite opens in North Greece

During the summer of 2017, the first 5-star camping site is expected to open in Northern Greece as part of an investment tourism plan.

The investment of Skotina Resort SA of 30 million euros in Skotina, Pieria, will take place on an area of ​​487 acres.The company belongs to the Greek-American businessmen Giorgos Spyridopoulos, Christos Chionides and Giorgos Deligiannidis.

As a first step, the campsite will be restored, and the 31 camping bungalows will be radically renovated to become a 5-star category, while the buildings formerly used as dining, galleys, supermarkets, etc.

With the operation of the first luxury campsite in Greece, the company aims to attract visitors of higher income who prefer this kind of holidays and can contact the nature.

Source: traveldailynews.gr