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Hellenic Investors Association (SED) celebrates its annual new year’s pie cut on 22/02/17

Hellenic Investors Association (SED) celebrates its annual new year’s  pie cut on 22/02/17

Hellenic Investors Association (SED), member of the consultation committee of the Greek Capital Market regulator, the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, is the institution that represents and promotes the interests of shareholders in Greece and supports investing initiatives and educative programs for shareholders and future  managers for corporations. Is the only one organization also that conducts annually for the last 14 years the biggest investing conference in Greece that attracts the elite of capital markets decision-makers, regulators, investors, top corporate managers and university students in Greece.

As every year, respecting Greek customs, SED celebrates its annual new year’s pie cut in a ceremony that this year will take place in the headquarters of the Greek Stock Exchange market, in Athens (Leoforos Athinon 110, Athens, P.C. 10442), right in the heart of the Greek capital market.

This year SED openly invites investors (of any kind), shareholders (of any size) and students as future companies managers and employees to participate in this traditional Greek custom, where at the same time they will have the possibility to join a cross-fire conversation about the realistic prospects of Hellenic capital markets and the Greek economy as a whole, by experienced traders and shareholders investors, members of the Executive Board of SED.

At the same time there will be a call for participation on the “3rd Programme of Attending in the General Assembly of Shareholders”, an innovative initiative of SED, probably unique in the world, in order to gain significantly important knowledge on how the companies of the Greek Stock Exchange work, promote transparency and sustainable auditing on the framework of justifiable Corporate Governance.

In order to participate you have first to register here (due to security measures in the Greek Stock Exchange Market):


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Source:  www.sed.gr