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National Coordinating Committee for Cruise tourism

National Coordinating Committee for Cruise tourism

The first meeting of the National Coordinating Committee Cruise, took place yesterday at 27/7 , established by decree of the Greek Minister of Shipping and Island Policy,Mr. Theodoros Dritsas and An.Minister of Economy and Tourism Ms Elena Kountouras, aiming to common cooperation and for the formulation and implementation of a strategic plan for the future of Greek cruise.

Mr. Dritsas stated that this Committee reflects and formalizes an initiative with high symbolism, but also provides a new feature of dynamic synergy to improve and develop the international European and National cruise. “Cruise in Greece has enormous potentials”, he noted, while addeding: “Let us unite with the National Coordinating Committee that will promote the necessary measures and incentives to the benefit of the Greek economy and Greek society. ”

Al. Minister of Tourism Elena Kountouras referred to the development of marine and cruise tourism, a top priority of the new national tourism policy, in order to increase arrivals and revenues. It also underlined the central role of coordination and cooperation of all stakeholders and the focus on strengthening of the competitiveness of the area as a marine tourism destination, through the emergence of new Greek cruise destinations and the interface with the new markets and strategic priority in development of the sector, especially after the recent geopolitical developments. The Minister also referred to the political initiatives for the development of actions and partnerships with countries in the region to strengthen the brandname  ”Greece” and An. Mediterranean in the global tourist map.

Regarding the industry dynamics , according to data from the General Secretariat of Ports, Port Policy and Maritime Investment,  there was a rise in the fundamentals of the cruise tourism in Greece in 2016. According to data of Hellenic Ports Association in 2015 it was recorded an increase of 12% in the number of cruise ships that approached Greek ports, compared to 2014, reaching the number of 4281.The Final data of the Bank of Greece show an increase of 9.9% of cruise visitors and 10.2% of total receipts from travelers compared to 2014.