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Opening of Greek Tourism to the Australian Market

Opening of Greek Tourism to the Australian Market

Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura met with the President of the Hellenic Community of Melbourne, Vassilis Papastergiadis and discussed the Ministry’s plans for to “attract” the Australian tourist market and boost the tourist flow in the future. The meeting was also attended by General Secretary of Tourism,Eurydice Kournetta and Deputy, Chrysoula Katsavria-Sioropoulou, member of the Special Permanent Committee of Hellenism of the Diaspora.

The Minister stressed that in the context of the opening up of new foreign markets, Australia is an important target market because of its strong links with the Greek community and its outstanding momentum in attracting significantly higher tourist flows.

Mr. Papastergiadis presented the activities of the Hellenic Community of Melbourne and emphasized the strong interest in strengthening the tourism relations as well as the prospects for a better connectivity for air access, while it was discussed the organization of the Melbourne Hellenic Festival to be held next February, in which Mr. Papastergiadis invited Ms. Kountoura to participate.